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Bhalku and Kalka-Shimla Railway

Bhalku and Kalka-Shimla Railway : The 95 kilometer long Kalka-Shimla Railway track, a unique feat of engineering, was laid under the guidance of Bhalku Sirmauri. He guided the engineers showing the

Seven Hills Shimla

Seven Hills : Shimla is surrounded by Seven Hills , These hills offer a wide variety of trails to visitors to explore. The seven Hills are :

i) Prospect Hill in western Shimla, which has the

The Combermere Bridge

The Combermere Bridge Shimla in 1890

The Combermere Bridge : The Combermere Bridge on the mall is the oldest British landmark of Shimla. In the words of Captain Mundy, A.D.C. to lord Combermere (1928),"Lord Combermere amused himself,

The Road to Shimla

The Road to Shimla : In the early days of Simla settlement the visitor to Simla required Herculean strength to cope with the hardship of uncomfortable, cumbersome and exhausting travel. By the 1860