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old Bilaspur town

The old Bilaspur town was founded by Rishi Ved Vyas. The place is famous for Gobind Sagar lake which offers a variety of water sports in collaboration with the Directorate of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, Manali. Year-around activities include boating, water skiing surfing, Rowing etc.

ACCESS : The nearest airport is at Shimla (86 km) and broad gauge railhead is at Chandigarh, (86 km). Mandi is 69 km. Regular Taxis and buses are available from Bilaspur. 

 CLIMATE : In winter the temperature is mild when heavy woolens are required. Summer is hot and pleasant and cottons are recommended. 


VYAS GOOFA : The name of sage Vyas is well known in this part and in fact he must have frequently roamed about in this area, from Thaneshwar to Rohtang wherein river Vyas emerges and there is a pond called Vyas Kund. It is situated in the foot of new township. It is believed he meditated in this cave. 

 KANDROR BRIDGE : This bridge is 285 meter long and suspended over a ravine that is 60 meter high. The bridge is considered an engineering feat. 

 MARKANDA : This is a famous shrine, 20 km from Bilaspur named after renowned Rishi Markandaya. A fair is held annually on Baishakhi day. Water from natural spring here are reputed to have curative effects on some skin diseases. 

FORTS : The Bilaspur district has many facts of ancient time which are worth visiting. Some of these are Bachhretu Fort, 64 km from Bilaspur, Baseh Fort 70 km, Kot - Kahlur Fort 40 km from Bilaspur and Rattanpur Fort 21 km.


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old Bilaspur town

The old Bilaspur town was founded by Rishi Ved Vyas.

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